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Smiling Man with Saxophone

About Me

Hey there, I'm - your go-to saxophonist for soulful, captivating melodies that breathe life into the air. Born and raised in the heart of musical magic, New Orleans, I fell in love with the saxophone early on, soaking up the jazz vibes that echoed through the city's streets.

My journey with the saxophone led me to dive deep into jazz studies, where I refined my skills and embraced the art of improvisation. Infusing every note with emotion, my playing spans across jazz, blues, and soul, creating a sound that's unmistakably mine.

From the cozy jazz clubs of New Orleans to international festivals, I've graced stages alongside jazz legends, sharing my passion for music. But it's not just about performing – I'm committed to passing on the torch. I engage in music education, leading workshops and mentoring aspiring musicians, ensuring the legacy of jazz lives on.

With a discography that mirrors my versatility, I'm all about pushing the boundaries of saxophone expression. Whether leading my own ensemble or collaborating with fellow musicians, I'm on a mission to blend tradition with innovation. Join me on this musical journey, where every note tells a story and every performance is an unforgettable experience. 

I now live in London, and I am looking to connect with other musicians.


Saxophone Player
Smiling Man with Saxophone
Rap Music Performance
Saxophone 3


Genre and Style

My style is Jazz.  I frequently play soul and Neo.  I am adaptable however to most genres

Other Relevant Skills

I can sing blues and I tap dance

Pricing Per Hour/Day

I do have pre determined rates however I prefer to consult with my client so I understand whats required of me.

My typical hourly rate would be £75.00

Instruments and Equipment

Alto and Tenor Saxophone.  I have these so can come along with full equipment.  I have portable microphones and large speakers

Areas I Cover

I am based in Acton and will travel pretty much anywhere provided its feasible and I have the availability.  I would also consider overseas opportunities if my travel expenses were considered. 

Availability / Hours

This is my full time gig so I am available 7 days a week.


I live in

My standard rate

Rate I could consider

South West London

My skills


I can travel


£100 - £150


I am part of a band?

Both Band and Solo

£75 - £100





Jerry firstname



Mountain Surname

101 Stevens Road Acton TN1 4RY




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