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Looking for paid gigs?

DJ's and Musicians submit your application by clicking here. 


Live auditions will be required


Outlandish Music are an agency looking for new and seasoned musicians (including DJ's) in the music industry.  We are partnered with a number of venues (mainly in London) looking for DJ's and live musicians.  We are always looking for talent so will host regular auditions for new artistry. 


If you are a DJ or musician looking for paid gigs/ networking opportunities please submit your application here

  Our 3 main platforms include;  

  • Musical Sky – Artist will perform in an intimate lounge setting for our channel

  • Concert Fresh – Your chance to headline a small concert earning money from ticket sales

  • Planet Gig – We match you with venues looking for musicians

We'll soon be introducing training in the way of DJ'ing,
 business planning, song writing, music video making, vocal / instrument coaching and song recording.